Using My Ryzen 1600 AF Variant and RX 590 to do misc video encoding Jobs FAST!

I often use my new low-mid end GPU and budget level CPU to play games, run hashcat to test password strength, run emulators that utilize vulkan on the GPU to play older gen games buttery smooth and with fps hacks, texture packs to add a whole new face to a good classic. These tasks being the common use for a gaming rig. There were many ideas in mind when building this budget Ryzen build PC, one thing I didn’t think I would care for as much as I do with this machine is tasks like encoding video I have on my HDD, or DVD with handbrake onto my Raspberry pi 4 I have as a server by the router. I would recommend every time, if you have many dvds, the tech and the time/knowledge then get handbrake to play around with encoding your library to keep as digital backup and maybe even ponder the idea of a Plex server for your home network. I use the DLNA option for plex so that my rpi4 uses next to no power and doesn’t have to try hard transcoding on the fly. All of my devices ps4, pc, roku, firestick, have all been able to use the plex server without an issue using the dlna protocol. One thing I’m surprised about is the ability with this CPU is the ability to transcode 1080p video at speeds of over 300 fps! If quality isn’t what I demand in the transcode, then I click on AMD VCE for it to use a technology using my GPU to put its horsepower on the line to get the project done quicker (often 500 or more fps doing 1080p encode). I dont much notice the lost quality when doing the VCE encode but its well documented that utilizing it makes the file a little bigger and degrades quality slightly. I spend so much time these days maximizing how I want my video library encoded and curating my server for my house hold to pull up any device and pull up a personal netflix like interface to play any of our favourite movies and videos. This is a quick and sloppy article, I just wanted to share my glee for a set of hardware I’m happy to have and a hobby that many might be timid of. Don’t be afraid of these concepts, you probably have some videos laying on your harddrive, download handbrake, it is an amazing open source software video converter but has presets for devices like ps4, roku, chromecast and will hold your hand through alot of the more daunting tasks if you need. You will pick this program up and more than likely start to find more and more uses for this free but powerful program!!!!!!

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