Dr. Stone on Crunchyroll postulates a bingeworthy intriguing anime story line that will consume your mind

The world is taken in a flash by a mysterious force that turns the human race and birds into stone, ushering in an epoch of stone and world rebirth. One of the main characters, Taiju, awakens to find a note inscribed in a tree leading him to a crude settlement made by his friend from the tech age. The titular nickname “Dr. Stone” is set to describe Senku, a very intelligent high school age boy who can break down most concepts scientifically with ease. Taiju, has a main goal to awaken and tell the girl he loves that he wants to be with her and Senku has a much different idea in mind to create a world of science born out of the world of stone. The boys find out a method to unfreeze people and during the idea ping they are confronted with monstrous beast and have to undo the stone the strongest teen of the time before to help fight the beast. With this seemingly innocuous act we learn that the world of science concept of Senku’s may not be as simple as he thought. There is a small division created between the man of science and the man of brute force nature and with that a war. The plot becomes super vast with this confrontation and reveals the ulterior motive of the story creators that Crunchyroll hit gold with adopting.

Scientific flow chart to simulate the path needed to arrive at a goal created by Senku

The gimmick hidden in the plot device is a deep and rich set of goals each time the nation of science comes to an obstruction in their path to victory. Senku takes what would be easy to do in our world of tech and ease of access and turns it into a flowing set of concrete easier goals that come together to make a “weapon of science” to win the large war between Senku and the beastly nature driven nation. Its the time old tale of brains versus brawn that isn’t always black and white or easy

David and Goliath-esque depiction of Senku Versus Tsukasa

The self-proclaimed logical Senku finds allies along the way that normal people would describe as friends but he would describe them as means to an ends. The rich revitalization of an age old struggle is in my opinion a must for anime lovers and a breath of fresh air to the science themed anime even if the concepts seem simple they become so interesting and vast quick. I started the anime not having an idea how much I would like it. Their is a season 2 confirmed without getting into any spoiler area and if you are anything like me you will be looking forward to it

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